The first time I saw a poop emoji was on my daughter’s phone. It’s not often that I can make my oldest teenage daughter laugh, but this little gap in my knowledge almost made her bust, as I thought it represented a scoop of swirly chocolate ice cream and told her as much.

She didn’t tell me what it was; I had to look it up. Curious as to the source of so much mirth in an ordinarily angsty teenage girl, I proceeded to my favorite search engine. A poop emoji was the furthest thing from my mind so, at first, I struggled to come up with a search term.

Fortunately, other people must have experienced the same misconceptions as I, because a search for “what’s the emoji that looks like swirly ice cream” answers the question immediately. Now curious as to where such an emoji originated, I proceeded to dig further.

As it turns out, the poo emoji first originated in Japan and was used to denote dissatisfaction. Google wanted to expand their brand into Asia and Japan and set about adding emoji capability to Gmail that would appeal to Japanese users. Takeshi Kishimoto, Google’s Japanese product manager at the time, convinced the powers that be that the poo emoji was the “most useful; ” a fact which was backed up by statistical analysis.

Google doodle artists were then tasked with creating a poo emoji, but with its own distinctive Google spin. Inspiration was drawn from popular poo emojis circulating at the time, and the character Poop-boy from the Dr Slump manga program.

Fast forward to today, and the poo emoji Unicode (a code which allows devices to display their particular version of an emoji), has made it into all the major platforms. You can check out the various versions Click Here.

So, there you have it, the history of the poo emoji, but what does that have to do with Ray Page Plumbing, Vernon CT you ask? Plumbers spend a lot of time around toilets, so you could say poo is always on their mind.

Ray page Plumbing, INC
500-7 Talcottville Road
Vernon, CT 06066



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