One bathroom… family of 4 or 5… and then you have company over too!  Ahhhh.. it’s a waiting line in your hallway, ear to the door waiting for the “whoosh” of the toilet flushing.

One bathroom…. “what were we thinking!”   This is what you think to yourself as your 3rd in line in your own home!  Never mind if anyone is ill in the house.  Forget any privacy while you’re in the shower or bathtub… When you gotta go, you gotta go!



One renovation If possible  would be to close off the toilet area!  Let’s be honest , though.. this isn’t possible in a small single family home in most cases.  If it is, DO IT!  It will make room for bathing, brushing teeth, makeup , hair or doing your “business.”  MULTI-TASKING family!



Doing something so little as adding another sink in the bathroom, may make your life in the morning sooooo much easier.  If you do a vanity you have more storage and counter space as well!  2 Mirrors, or one big mirror?  YES Please.  Will make your bathroom appear bigger too, WIN-WIN!

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Do you have beach towels -in the linen closet -in the bathroom?  Well time to re-think this decision.  Move things like beach towels, first aide supplies, medicine, hair products, makeup and extra OUT of the bathroom.  That way if you need these items it’s not a hassle when it’s being occupied, and you don’t have to subject yourself to any unpleasant odors.  Let’s be honest, this is true in every  household.  Okay, and for the part no one really wants to talk about… getting sick.  When someone in the house (some cases EVERYONE) is sick… first dibs should always go to #2!  Have a “barf” bucket handy ….. it’s unpleasant.. but this is life, and people have been dealing with one bathroom households forever!!



This can work for kids of all ages.  Clearly this won’t work 100% of the time… I mean if you son is covered in mud–you may not want to wait until his nighttime shower to get him cleaned up.  But, you know what we mean.  If Dad normally wakes up at 5am and takes a shower, there should be plenty of time for Mom to get up and take a shower after getting the kids ready at 6:30am.  See what we mean, kids then take their showers in the evening, and this is a great way to divvy up the bathroom time.

shut off

MOST IMPORTANTLY:  MAINTAIN THE BATHROOM, I mean it’s your only one for the ENTIRE family…. if it goes “OUT OF ORDER”.. that’s when the scramble really begins!

If you get clogs in the sink, tub or toilet on a regular basis, time to have the Plumber in and nip that in the bud ASAP!  If it keeps happening, it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to be put on a maintenance program with Ray Page Plumbing, INC does offer!  This usually offers homeowners future savings as well!

TIP:  Show your entire family where the water shut off is.  You won’t be sorry!

If there is a leak or a drip or a wobbly faucet.. get it fixed!  It’s costly to have a leak, and can lead to more serious problems!  Call Ray Page Plumbing, INC for a free quote on Plumbing issues.

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