Garbage Disposal Do's & Don'ts


Do you have a garbage disposal, or thinking about upgrading and adding one? Then take a minute & read these do’s & don’ts!  Help you avoid repairs & extend the life of your disposal and your sanity!

Use COLD Yes, it’s true using cold water is best!  I know what you are thinking.. if you had any grease (which you shouldn’t), but if you did have grease go down, HOT water will melt it to flow easier?  While it’s understandable logic, it will also send the grease further down the pipes (and solidify) for a tougher to reach clog.  PLUS, running hot water can cause your disposal to overheat… Avoid HOT water–say “YES” to cold!


Use COLD (1)Drain cleaners, chemicals like bleach or other harsh chemicals do more damage to Plumbing than good!  Plus, if you do your own Plumbing or call Ray Page Plumbing, INC they can burn the person doing work on your Plumbing.  Very dangerous and not good for your Plumbing.  Just bad all around.. keep away from the drain cleaners and chemicals !! 

Use COLD (2).png

Yes, Citrus Peels such as lemon, etc will not only clean up a little…. but they will also freshen up your disposal and make it smell FRESH!! Win-WIN!

Use COLD (4)

Grease even with HOT water, which we’ve already gone over isn’t good……. Will solidify and cause issues!! Coffee grounds will build up and attach to ANYTHING sitting still in your pipes and cause future clogs.  Just Say Nah…. to the grease and grounds!! Save up your grease and make suet for the birds or put aluminum foil in a bowl—>pour in your greasy grease and when it turns solid, throw it away!!!  Coffee grounds are great for compost!! 

Use COLD (5)

Yup, Ice Ice Baby… it’s stuck in your head now isn’t it?  A few ice cubes, some rock salt will help clean your disposal and also help loosen up anything that may be stuck!  Another helpful hint to help clean out the “grime” would be white vinegar & water.    When in doubt.. use vinegar.  Well, unless, it’s to drink… or bathe.. well never mind what we said about when in doubt, but it’s great to clean with –we know that!  Once every few months put the stopper in your sink, fill 3/4 the way with water, and then release the stopper .. let the water flow down fairly quickly to help loosen up any debris that may eventually cause a clog! 


Use COLD (6)

Garbage disposals that are installed incorrectly or used improperly will cause problems like leaking, not running and foul smells from food just sitting and not going down.  If you have issues like leaking or clogs, foul odors… time to call Ray Page Plumbing, INC.. and it may be time to upgrade your disposal!! Please feel free to call the Friendly Local Plumbers you can count on at 860-926-4842!


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