Ok, we get it …. shopping local isn’t always easy, convenient or less expensive with the Amazon’s of the world and all the ONLINE shopping you can do now-a-days!  But we have 5 good reasons that will make you think twice about shopping online, and maybe take a walk to the local farmer’s market or call that local small business!


1. Boost your local Economy


What better reason than to help the town you live in?  Enhance the quality of the area you are from and support?  Help that business owner get their kids a new pair of sneakers for school, not that huge CEO of the large chain get his 3rd vacation home.  Listen, there’s nothing wrong with being a successful CEO of a large company that’s NOT what we are saying.  But, buying local and boosting your local economy is much more rewarding!


2. Personalized Service & Guarantee 

How about a place you can walk into-shake someones hand, speak to a person and get that cake just the way you want it, the new sink installed just the way you asked, or maybe something personalized or monogrammed——and a place to walk back in and ask questions and get the service you need? What about 2 months from your purchase something goes wrong?  Isn’t it nice to have a service person LOCAL that you can deal with?  We think so!


3. Unique -one of kind products/service 

Neat products you won’t find anywhere else.  Maybe they are handmade, maybe it’s the service that is like no other? Maybe the owner drops by after your new bathroom is done and shakes your hand , thanks you and gives you his personal cell phone number if you have any questions.  Maybe you order a special handmade piece for over your mantle.. it’s one of a kind, and you are the only one with it!  We think this goes a LONG way!


5. Create Local Jobs

Local businesses can usually create higher paying jobs, better quality jobs for you and your neighbors!  Again, boosting the local economy and quality of life!


No matter what we think shopping local is the way to go!  There are so many benefits, even if it’s just for your health…. that once a week walk to the local farmer’s market.  Maybe it’s that local honey you buy that helps you with your seasonal allergies?  Either way you cut it… LOCAL is awesome!  Call your local Plumber today — Ray Page Plumbing, INC has 24/7 Emergency Service, personlized service plans, financing and more!  860-926-4842!  


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