Importance of hiring a Licensed Plumbing Contractor

A professional Plumber is a skilled tradesman. There are many benefits of hiring a licensed Plumber. This individual has attended school and apprenticed under a state licensed Master Plumber to learn the tricks of the trade. When you hire a state licensed Plumber you are hiring a knowledgeable professional.

A home improvement contractor’s license is NOT the same as a Plumbing License.  This is where a lot of homeowners can be  ill-informed or confused that they have a Licensed Plumber doing their Plumbing.  Don’t be afraid to ask for specific License.  Make sure you are getting what you pay for!


How is licensing done for Plumbers?

Plumbers usually undergo a very rigorous training to get their certification done. These processes involve the following procedures:

  • Their training starts with an apprenticeship that can last for a number of years and it’s only after that they will be able to work independently.
  • The Plumbers Licensing Board issues the licenses for Plumbers and other trades-persons. This is issued only to experienced applicants that are suitably qualified for the jobs.
  • The best Plumbers in the industry are always certified, experienced and pays a guarantee for their work. Since they have undergone extensive training, they can handle even the most complex jobs in a skilled and efficient manner.

Benefits of hiring a licensed Plumbing contractor

Licensing displays a willingness to comply with all current laws, regulations and safety measures recommended, instead of relying on outdated and potentially harmful methods. It also shows that the Plumber wants his clients to know that he’s a professional. This shows dedication to his field, distinguishing him from somebody who may look at plumbing as a way to simply make extra money on the side. Licensed Plumbers are usually required to carry insurance. This can save your money. If the Plumber is injured while working on your property, their insurance will cover their medical care. If there is no insurance, you could be stuck paying those high bills. Insurance, in many cases, can also ensure that the work the Plumber does, comes with assurance of quality.

As you can see, there are many benefits of hiring a licensed Plumber, and really no disadvantages. It is always advisable to opt for licensed Plumbing contractor than an unlicensed one.

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